Gerd Meuer mit Nobelpreisträger Wole Soyinka
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Wie ich versuche, einen YORUBA wieder zum wahren Glauben zu bewegen

Liebe Freunde,
this is REAL!!!
Just go and waste some of your precious time and enjoy!
herewith another hilarious exchange with brother Wole SOYINKA across the big lake – Atlantic)

from Wole on 18.02.05 the following mail:

'Well done, thou good and faithful servant.
Enter thou into the kingdom of Orunmila!'

Wole Soyinka, D.D. (Hons)

And since when, ask you, did I become a Doctor of Divinity? Only a few weeks ago, in WashingtonStateUniversity – well, maybe not exactly Doctor of Divinity but, close enough, anddecidedly superior to that.
'Diplomat of the Deities',pronounced the lady after a seminar on the Yoruba pantheon.

prior to this…
my previous mail to Wole)
usually I do NOT proselityze (...) but in the case of thisYoruba brother in Germany I do make a difference.
prior to this I had sent the following mail to a certain
Mr. Ajani, a Nigerian journalist here in Germany)
I am telling Prof. that I am doing all my best to try to bringyou back to the fold!
from Robert:
Dear Gerd,
many thanks for this exposition on yoruba deities.Really, l can draw many paralles with the Christian belief. Although, l have always known as a yoruba man that l have a very rich culture and religious beliefs.
It´s a pity and a shame that l have not taken enough timeto familiarise myself with the tradition and civilisation of myforefathers.
Thank you for the lecture. Es ist ein Stuff zum Nachdenken.
Ich wünsche dir ein schöner Abend.
From Gerd

as I said: we Yoruba are open-minded. see the Obtala script - again?
best wishes

thank you for making laugh with your reply. I respect the  polyteistic philosophy of the Yorubas Ogun, Sango, Oya, Osun etc. But l  think with respect to faith, l have the colonial mentality as late Fela  Anikulapo put it. I guess its because l like to picture my God in my head  and mind as  the God of heaven. To be honest with you Ogun is the god of my  forefathers and they still have it and worship in our familiy house in  Ile-ife. And l respect and love my people for it. As regards your advice,  l think l may start a church, if l hear the call of God. Now, lam not too  sure about that. Because my mother has been telling me the same thing as  far back as l can remember. Enough!
How are you? Please keep me  informed if you hear of any newsworthy events or stories. I am still a  journalist. Bis dann.

Hallo  Gerd,
l  came back three weeks ago. I was unsuccessful with the  Nigerian publishers. Everyone wants instant profit in Nigeria for their  investment.

You have to start a  CHURCH!!!

No  delay gratification. I like the way  you bargained with your doctor.
It is hard in Germany  now and people don´t rely on what they see on price tag again. You  bargain the price to your advantage. Like your friend, l will also pray  that God (not Ogun, in my case) should protect us from blood-sucking  and bone-breaking devil in the name of Jesus -  Amen.

We  Yorubas dont mind: we have so many Gods, one more makes no  difference,
so jesus is welcome!

Another point  that l want to share with you is that lam trying to   be self-employed now. It is not easy to survive in my profession again.  I  am looking at buying licences from any franchise companies. And  lam still searching for business ideas as well.

I  am a very bad businessman, even in my dealings with cultural people  in germany,  so no good advice from me possible:  sorry-O! I do not want to make you  bankrupt!


So if  you know of any  contacts or have any ideas that may be useful for me,  please let  me know. Take care and get in   touch.