Gerd Meuer mit Nobelpreisträger Wole Soyinka
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Vita Gerd Meuer

I was born in the Rhineland area (not Barbavaria!, as my friend W.S. claims) of Germany in 1941, studied English and French literatures, later Political Science and Sociology at the universities of Bonn, Berlin, Aachen (Germany), Caen (France) and Ibadan (Nigeria).
I caim I was “socialized” in Yoruba country in the early sixties.
I have worked as a “radio trainer” in Mali for three years, lived in Texas (USA) and Ethiopia for several years; on and off in Nigeria, have travelled in 48 of 53 African countries, and also in most of Europe, parts of the US, Asia and Latin America and the Pacific.
Have worked for the German Public Radio and TV systems ARD, ZDF, Swiss, Austrian, French Radio, the BBC, Irish Radio and Radio Pacifica in the US. Worked as a free-lance for numerous newspapers, weeklies and journals in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and elsewhere.
I am an addict of translating some of my African friends from their (!) English, French - and also some writers from the Dutch-speaking world into my native German language (not Barbavarian!). 
I also pretend (!) to have – at times – both orally an in written form
more or less (!) successfully… ‘massacred’ Kongi’s super English into my own most strange "yorubarbavarian" German…
W.S. dixit.