Gerd Meuer mit Nobelpreisträger Wole Soyinka
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Cacademics …

     After the non-launch of my book in the Lagos Goethe I also present it in Accra, Ghana. But not on the Institut premises, the latter being busy all that week of my presence with holding German language tests: quite a challenge, since no less than some 150 Ghanaian ladies want to pass that proficiency test, to, at long last, join their ‘husbands’ (…) who are already in Germany.
     And so we went to the African Studies Centre at Legon university, where the audience was composed mainly of professors, virtually all of them FEMALE. There I also read the piece about German academics, who, according to one NOAM CHOMSKY are ‘also not nice people’. 
     Whereupon the head of African Studies asked me whether I knew the term ‘CACADEMICS’. I had to admit that I had NOT heard that term before but would now use it freely !

SHE is NO Cacademic – African Studies boss at Legon, Accra

and she is neither !

nor is she!

      (I also showed the good profesoresses some of the CDs containing readings and conferences by Wole, and the ladies immediately wanted to grab those CDs. But I had to tell them that those would at first have to go to the planned SOYINKA archive at the University of Bayreuth in Germany, which would then make all those materials available for free – and that world-wide. Only to learn after my return to Germany that this is most probably a no-go-show, since … German Academia, though very much wanting that material, will most probably not be able to let me do that job since I am not in possession of an academic title…)